Arboretum Gateway Path Visioning Session March 30, 2016 at 6:30pm

Momentum is growing for the Arboretum Gateway Path, which would create a new entrance to the Arboretum near the Roslindale Square Commuter Rail station, creating access to the park right from the business district (and avoiding the steep incline for the existing entrances), and also providing a shorter “straight shot” multi-use path from Roslindale Square to Forest Hills. To learn more and contribute your own ideas, please join us for a community visioning workshop organized by our community partners at Tufts University6:30pm, Wednesday, March 30th at the Roslindale Community Center (6 Cummins Highway). RSVP and more details here.

Arboretum Gateway Path Alternatives

Arboretum Gateway Path Alternatives

Update 3/7/16 – hot off the presses, check out these posters for this event:

5 thoughts on “Arboretum Gateway Path Visioning Session March 30, 2016 at 6:30pm

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  4. Hi

    What a great idea. Does the site visit involve a walk of any distance? My husband has a boot cast on his foot so if you will be walking around a lot we would just go to the meeting.

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